Expert Witness Services

Bernard is the author of 16 books and published papers on positive and safe management of hazardous behaviour, which are extensively referenced in the literature. He is regularly called to advise companies, lawyers, insurers and professional bodies. He has prepared reports for, and has appeared at, Tribunals, Crown Courts in England, the High Court in London, Sheriff Courts in Scotland and the Court of Sessions in Edinburgh . His reports and testimony have been praise for accuracy, succinctness and clarity.

‘Mr Allen did come over very forcefully… I found him to be a good, down-to-earth witness with a common-sense approach to the issues.’

Rigby v Wandsworth Borough Council, High Court (Queens Bench Division) 

‘The committee has been assisted by the evidence from those witnesses who have viewed the videos and in particular considered the evidence of Mr Bernard Allen to be helpful, balanced and credible expert evidence.’

Decision of a Professional Conduct Committee Hearing, General Teaching Council, England 

“Thanks for your help which was fundamental to obtaining a reasonable deal which the insurers were happy with.”

Civil Action, Scotland 

‘NAHT supports and endorses the paper by Bernard Allen dated 14 November 2014 called 'Improving Guidance on Reducing Risk, Restraint and Restriction in Children's Services'. NAHT endorses the paper both in its call for correct, coherent and consistent guidance and in its analysis of good practice and the law on restraint and restriction of liberty.’

NAHT Policy Statement

‘Mr Allen demonstrated expertise. He was a very measured witness. He adopted a fair and reasoned approach to questions. I formed a favourable impression of Mr Allen as an expert witness.’

Court of Personal Injury, Scotland